What is RISE?

RISE is a collaborative center housed at Emory University that focuses on research related to reproductive health in the Southeast.

Who is involved with RISE?

RISE is a collaboration between a diverse group of researchers across the Southeast with representatives from Emory University, The University of Alabama Birmingham, and The University of Georgia.

How is RISE organized?

RISE is comprised of three interrelated cores: Research, Education, and Translation.

Why is RISE studying the Southeast?

There is a lack of recent and relevant research on attitudes and access to reproductive healthcare in the Southeast. The Southeast also has a dynamic sociopolitical and cultural landscape and research in the region is important for future policy debates. The region also has the highest maternal mortality rates in the US. All of these are important factors that led to the creation of RISE to further knowledge about reproductive health in the Southeastern United States.

How does RISE work with students?

The goal of RISE's Education Core is to prepare the next generation of public health and social scientists focused on family planning and reproductive health through formal education, training and mentorship. RISE supports doctoral and post-doctoral fellows who are interested in pursuing diverse reproductive health-focused careers and building research capacity in the Southeast.

What should community organizations interested in collaboration know about RISE?

RISE is an organization working toward the shared goal of enhancing information about and access to reproductive healthcare in the Southeast. We are open to working with a variety of partners towards this shared goal; email us if you're interested in learning more about opportunities to collaborate.

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