Evaluating the Impact of Gestational Age Policies on Reproductive Healthcare Systems in the Southeast


This project evaluates the effects of Georgia House Bill 954, which bans abortions provided 22 weeks after a woman’s last menstrual period. The team is examining trends in abortion care delivery and outcomes following the bill’s passage. Through interviews with and surveys of reproductive healthcare providers, the team is also exploring how providers interpret HB 954 and how the bill affects medical practices and delivery of abortion and obstetric care. This study seeks to provide a comprehensive understanding of how HB 954 is implemented and how it may affect service delivery and health outcomes in Georgia.


  • Qualitative interviews with abortion clinic staff and hospital-based labor and delivery staff
  • Survey of obstetric providers in Georgia
  • Quantitative analysis of aggregate abortion data in Georgia


Sophie Hartwig

Co-Director of Administration

Carrie Cwiak

Emory School of Medicine
Founding Director, Translation Core

Lisa Haddad

Emory School of Medicine

Kelli Stidham Hall

Columbia Mailman School of Public Health
RISE Founding Director and Principal Investigator

Eva Lathrop

Emory School of Medicine

Elizabeth Mosley

Postdoctoral Fellow

Sara Redd

Postdoctoral Fellow

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