Confidentiality and Parental Involvement Processes for Minors Seeking Reproductive Health Services


This project evaluates policies that require parental involvement in a minor’s decision to have an abortion. It also explores the judicial bypass process, which is a legal procedure that allows a minor to make this decision without parental involvement. Across three Southeastern states, the team is conducting interviews with minors about their experiences seeking abortion care, involving a parent, and with the judicial bypass process. The team is also interviewing healthcare providers and legal representatives to better understand barriers and facilitators that minors face at different stages of this process. This study seeks to provide an in-depth understanding of parental involvement policies and their effects on young women and health service delivery and legal practices in the Southeast.


  • Qualitative interviews with minors engaging the healthcare and legal systems in three Southeastern states
  • Key stakeholder interviews with clinic staff and legal stakeholders
  • Analysis of health service delivery and outcomes for minors within these states


Sophie Hartwig

Co-Director of Administration

Kelli Stidham Hall

Columbia Mailman School of Public Health
RISE Founding Director and Principal Investigator

Melissa Kottke

Emory School of Medicine
Founding Director, Research Core

Rachel Rebouché

Temple University Beasley School of Law

Kari White

University of Texas School of Social Work

Alexandra McBrayer

Project Manager

Subasri Narasimhan

Postdoctoral Fellow

Peyton Rogers

Graduate Research Assistant

Jaaie Varshney

Undergraduate Research Assistant

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