EnFaith is a community-based project developing evidence-based interventions aimed at promoting positive attitudes toward reproductive health within churches in Georgia. The project team seeks to understand church members’ attitudes and beliefs surrounding sexual and reproductive health. The project team and community partners seek to create strategies to develop positive attributes such as, emotional care, compassion, empathy, and social cohesion for individuals within communities faced with sexual and reproductive health challenges.


  • Interviews with church community members about reproductive health norms, attitudes, and beliefs.
  • Creation of intervention strategies by adapting evidence-based interventions to the Southeast context.
  • Engagement with communities to implement and evaluate the strategy.


Whitney S. Rice

RISE Director and Principal Investigator

Johanna Pringle

Co-Director of Administration

John Blevins

Emory Rollins School of Public Health

Kelli Stidham Hall

Columbia Mailman School of Public Health
RISE Founding Director and Principal Investigator

Lasha Clarke

Doctoral Fellow

Elizabeth Mosley

Postdoctoral Fellow

Subasri Narasimhan

Postdoctoral Fellow

Mary Kan

Graduate Research Assistant

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