In 2016, Georgia began publicly funding pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) through a state grant program. Also known as crisis pregnancy centers, PRCs have been widely criticized for using deceptive and coercive practices and providing inaccurate and misleading health information to clients. This project evaluates the quality of PRC services by assessing individuals’ health outcomes and their experiences accessing and receiving PRC services. Additionally, the team is evaluating and comparing health information and services provided by PRCs and traditional reproductive health clinics.


  • Qualitative interviews with community members regarding perceptions about and knowledge of PRCs.
  • Interviews with individuals who have sought Georgia PRC services regarding their experiences.
  • Analysis of PRCs’ delivery of reproductive health services such as pregnancy options counseling, contraception, sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing and treatment, and condom use.


Nathan Hansen

University of Georgia College of Public Health

Andrea Swartzendruber

University of Georgia College of Public Health

Danielle Lambert

Project Director

Amy Solsman

PhD Graduate Research Assistant

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