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Medication Abortion Reversal

Many states have recently proposed laws requiring physicians to counsel patients about reversing medication abortions. This fact sheet summarizes the current science on medication abortion reversals.

Later Abortion Bans

Late abortion bans, most commonly referred to as “18-week bans” or “20-week bans,” prohibit abortions after 20- or 22-week gestation. This fact sheet provides information on fetal viability as it pertains to late abortion bans and factors that influence an individuals’ need for later abortions.

Abortion Access in Georgia

This fact sheet provides information on abortion access in Georgia. It focuses on current policies that influence access to abortion services, including specific restrictions and implications.

Judicial Bypass

The judicial bypass is a court hearing for minors who are seeking abortion services without parental involvement or consent. This fact sheet provides an overview of judicial bypass and parent involvement, including challenges and implications.

Pregnancy Resource Centers

Pregnancy resource centers, also known as crisis pregnancy centers, have been gaining more attention in recent years. This fact sheet provides an overview of these centers in the United States and critically analyzes the safety and medical integrity of the services that these centers provide.

Medication Abortion

Medication abortion refers to a nonsurgical abortion option in which the individual takes medication to induce uterine contractions that lead to an abortion. This fact sheet provides an overview of state level restrictions on medication abortion and their implications for provider and patient access.

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